Conserved Land

To date, the Living River Trust has conserved over 1,100 acres of forests, wetlands, and shorelines along the Elizabeth River that provide open spaces to recreate, reduce flooding and enhance resiliency, protect critical habitat, and ensure clean air and water. As the stewards of these conserved properties, the Trust ensures the conservation values are protected to provide the greatest public benefit. Listed below are some of the properties the Living River Trust has protected through fee simple acquisition or conservation easement. 

Ferry Point Park

Located in the Avalon Woods neighborhood of Virginia Beach, Ferry Point Park is a new pubic park providing recreational opportunities to the public, including mulched walking trails, shoreline fishing, and a canoe/kayak launch (coming soon). The Trust purchased this 9-acre tract of wetlands and forest from a willing seller who was facing more frequent flooding and subsequently transferred the property to the City for development of park. Project partners included the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation, Virginia Outdoors Foundation, the City of Virginia Beach, and local civic league. The Trust remains engaged in the build-out and stewardship of the park.


Chesapeake Wetland Mitigation Bank

The Chesapeake Wetland Mitigation Bank is located in the historic Sunray community in Chesapeake and consists of over 500 acres of forested non-tidal wetlands and upland areas adjacent to the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. The Trust holds a conservation easement over the property, ensuring that it will remain undeveloped and protecting its conservation values in perpetuity. 


New Mill Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank

The New Mill Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank is located in Chesapeake and consists tidal and non-tidal wetlands and forested areas along New Mill Creek, a tributary to the Elizabeth River. The Trust holds a conservation easement over the property, ensuring that the property will remain undeveloped and in a natural state for perpetuity. 


The Living River Trust

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