Technical Advisory Committee Charter

Technical Advisory Committee to Living River Restoration Trust Primary goals of The Elizabeth River Restoration Trust are to accomplish as many benefits to aquatic resources from compensatory mitigation projects as possible with the funds available and to ensure that the Trust’s compensatory mitigation projects result in no net loss of acreage, functions, and values for the types of aquatic resource impacts that were mitigated by payments into the Trust.


Purpose of the advisory committee:

  1. To provide technical advice to the Elizabeth River Restoration Trust for the purpose of achieving technically sound mitigation projects.

  2. To provide a sounding board for regulatory representatives to provide informal
    advice early-on regarding permit concerns for proposed mitigation projects.

  3. Review and comment on mitigation project proposals for technical merit as time permits, especially prior to construction of a major project.

  4. Review data findings, as requested, for technical comment regarding the bearing of the data on the advisability of mitigation projects.

  5. Identify and provide advice regarding potential regulatory concerns for
    implementing mitigation projects.

  6. Provide technical advice regarding monitoring and maintenance planning for mitigation projects.

Selection process:
The Board of Trustees of the Elizabeth River Restoration Trust will identify agencies and organizations that should be invited to provide representation on the advisory committee. For the immediate future, the board delegates to staff of The Elizabeth River Project (ERP), under contract to provide project management and administrative support to the Trust, to communicate with each agency regarding the most appropriate representative to participate at any given time. (see attached agency list)

To whom the advisory committee reports:
Recommendations of the advisory board will be reported to the Board of Trustees of the Living River Restoration Trust by ERP staff (or the committee chair for major projects, as time allows).


Committee coordination/staff support:
The committee will be coordinated for the immediate future by staff of The Elizabeth River Project, currently under contract to provide project management and administrative support to the Trust. It will be the responsibility of Elizabeth River Project staff to provide orientation to committee members and timely communication regarding committee business, including agendas and minutes.


Anticipated meeting schedule:
It is anticipated that the committee will meet no more than quarterly, beginning in December, 2004, although there may be a need for smaller ad hoc committees to take up
timely issues in-between.